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Bronte Creek (Palermo West)

Bronte Creek is also known as Palermo West.  The neighbourhood spans from Upper Middle Road (south)  to Dundas Street/ Hwy 5 (north)  and from Bronte Road/ Hwy25 (east) to the 12 Mile Creek (west) Bronte Creek Provincial Park is part of the neighbourhood making it the place to be for nature lovers.  The provincial park is beautiful with […]

Glen Abbey

Glen Abbey spans from the QEW (south) to Upper Middle Road (north) and from the Sixteen Mile Creek (east) to Bronte Road/Hwy 25 (west). Glen Abbey was the first subdivision to be built north of the QEW in West Oakville. Development began in the late 70’s and continued until the late 90’s.  There’s a mix […]

Old Oakville (Includes Kerr Village and West Harbour)

Old Oakville includes Kerr Village and West Harbour the area extends from Lake Ontario (south) up to the QEW (north)  and from Dorval Drive (west) over to Chartwell Road (east) Oakville was originally purchased by the Crown from the Indigenous Mississaugas in 1805 and the first British immigrants came to the area in 1807. In 1827 […]

Bronte East (Includes West and South West)

Bronte East includes West and South West Oakville it extends from Lake Ontario (south)  to the QEW (north), and from Third line (west) to Dorval Drive (east). Coronation Park is found in Bronte East and is  located on Lake Ontario just east of Third Line. There’s so many fun things to do at the park. […]

West Oak Trails and Westmount

West Oak Trails spans from Upper Middle Road  (south) to Dundas Street /Hwy 5 (north) and from the the Sixteen Mile Creek (east) to Third line (west), Westmount is adjacent and carries through from Third Line (east) to Bronte Road/Hwy 25 (west) with the same north/south perimeters.  Known for their many parks and trails, West […]