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Best Pancake Places In & Around Oakville

Best Pancakes in Oakville, Burlington and Milton

Best Pancake Places for National Pancake Day!

If you missed Shrove Tuesday on Feb 13th, that’s ok because Feb 28th is National Pancake Day! Finding the best pancake places in Oakville, Burlington and Milton can vary depending on personal preferences, but here are some popular options in each area. 


  1. The Moonshine Cafe: This cozy cafe serves up delicious breakfast options, including pancakes, in a relaxed atmosphere.

  2. Sunset Grill: A popular breakfast spot known for its fluffy pancakes and diverse breakfast menu.

  3. Denny’s Restaurant: Denny’s is a local favorite for pancakes, offering a variety of toppings and styles to choose from.


  1. Russell Williams Family Restaurant: A beloved local spot offering classic breakfast fare, including fluffy pancakes served with maple syrup.

  2. Sunset Grill: With locations across Ontario, Sunset Grill is known for its generous portions and delicious pancakes.

  3. Stacked Pancake & Breakfast House: There’s 15 signature pancake stacks to choose from. They’re opening in Oakville soon!


  1. Troy’s Diner: Troy’s is a classic diner that serves up hearty breakfasts, including delicious pancakes with various toppings.

  2. Cora Breakfast and Lunch: Cora’s offers a wide range of breakfast options, including their signature fruit-topped pancakes.

  3. Eggsmart: Eggsmart is known for its extensive breakfast menu, which includes pancakes served with various syrups and toppings

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