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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Family Day at Home


Family Day is on Monday February 21st this year. It’s a day to spend quality time and have fun with our families. Some of the best memories can be the result of the most simple family activities done together at home. Here’s 5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Family Day at Home with your family.

1. Set up your living or family room for game day! Board games, cards, puzzles or a video game competition, anything goes. Some of the T.V. game shows have apps that you can play at home on your TV. On Christmas day we had fun playing Jeopardy!

2. Make a special Brunch with your family. Create a menu and everyone can help to make the most delicious meal of the day. Belgium waffles, avocado toast, eggs Benedict, bacon, hash browns, mimosas, the list is never ending. Assign duties in advance and decide on recipes so you have all the ingredients on hand.

3. Have your family and friends create a live show. There’s so many things to prepare for, it might keep everyone busy all weekend long. Hang some sheets on a clothes line to make a curtain, create costumes for the acts and practice routines. Designate a Master of Ceremonies, think Super Bowl half time show or The Oscars. Set a show time for Monday afternoon or evening. The cast will shine and it will be Family Day to remember.

4. Group watch a movie or binge a TV series. This is good idea for family members who can’t be together. Pick the show, set up a group chat and press play at a designated time. There’s an App called Teleparty that synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. Here’s a link for Teleparty

5.  Make a combined family memory video of the good times you had over the past year. For instance have everyone share their best memories by photos or video clips. Depending on age each person can edit their own clips and designate one person to put it together. You might have to put a time limit on the media depending on your families size or narrow it down to the best 2 or 3 memories. Add music! Be creative! Every year on Family Day make a new video and get together to watch it and all your past memory videos.

In short, there’s so many ways you can have fun at home on family day. Share your ideas with me in the comments below.

Claudia Chopik

Claudia Chopik

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