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Gardening Secrets for a Quick Sale


Gardening Secrets

Have you ever wondered why some homes sell fast, while others seem to stay on the market for months and months? It can be frustrating for Sellers especially if you’ve replaced carpet, painted rooms, or just finished renovating the bathrooms and kitchen.

Often it’s the simple things that hamper a sale in the mind of a Buyer and they can be easily missed. Gardening can be one of them.

When potential Buyers drive up to your house to find gardens that are filled with weeds instead of flowers, crab grass taking hold and over grown hedges, those Buyers might not even make it inside to see how beautiful your house is.

The truth is, Gardening is essential to Sell Your Home For Maximum Value. 

Ideally, the time to start working on your gardens and your lawn is about a month or more before you plan to put your house on the market. To help you get things into tip-top shape, here are my three gardening secrets that  I share with my Sellers

1. Check your Trees and Hedges

Remove dead trees from your property as well as any tree limbs that are overgrown. You’ll also want to make sure that your hedges are trimmed. Varieties like boxwoods and holly usually need a trim about twice a year, these are things you should keep in mind before listing. 

2. Mulch Your Garden Beds

An Instagram worthy home always includes fresh mulch. Choose a black, brown, or red mulch for maximum contrast against your flowers and foliage. Be sure to weed and edge the gardens!

This year I tried new mulch in my gardens, it’s made from recycled rubber. It looks great and doesn’t stick to my dog’s fur. I swear that half of the garden’s mulch ends up inside my house. Apparently, it lasts longer which makes sense because rubber doesn’t decompose. It’s the first time that I’ve seen it at nearby stores. Here’s a link that compares recycled rubber mulch to wood mulch   Click Here

3. Plant Flowers for a Pop of Colour

Planting Beautiful and Bright Flowers is one of the easiest things you can do to make your landscaping look intentional and well-maintained. It will also help your home to stand out from the road!   Click Here  to find The Best Flowers for Curb Appeal

Garden Secrets for a Quick Sale

What’s great about Gardening, is that it’s not only one of the best ways Sellers can update their curb appeal, it’s something most people can do on their own! It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but makes a huge difference when it comes to sale price. Here’s a link for more info on my blog  Stand Out from the Crowd: Eight Tips for Adding Instant Curb Appeal

A Saturday afternoon spent planting fresh flowers, mulching, edging and weeding, can immediately increase the value of your home.

If you’d rather hire someone to handle it for you, I can help you find a Gardener in the area. I’m happy to assist you to find the right person or landscaping company depending on what’s required and your budget..

If you’re ready to make a move or just want to talk about the real estate market, Send me a message or Text me at 905-399-7229. It would be wonderful to assist you!

Claudia Chopik

Claudia Chopik

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