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3 Simple Moving Tips to Loosen The Load

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3 Simple Moving Tips To Loosen The Load

Thinking about moving day can be daunting for some people. Here’s 3 simple moving tips to loosen the load on moving day. If finding the perfect home wasn’t hard enough, now you have orchestrate the move. Just the thought of what lies ahead can be stressful and exhausting. Think back to the reasons why you started the home buying process to begin with to loosen the load and clear your mind.

As a Realtor my Client’s reasons seem to be never ending. It could be a larger or smaller home, better schools for their children, a bigger yard, less indoor and outdoor maintenance, a new job in a different location, retirement, downsizing  …

But for you, your reason (s) to Move can be life changing and cause to Celebrate not Stress. Find  3 simple tips to loosen the load and ease the stress of moving below.

1. Take Measurements

Take measurements in your new home and then measure your furniture. Be really, really, REALLY honest with yourself. Are you going to use that gigantic black solid oak entertainment unit in your new home? If not, get rid of it. You don’t want to have to move anything you’re not going to keep. Trust me on this. Moving is the perfect time to purge through allllll your belongings. If you don’t use an item in your current home, chances are, you won’t use it in a new home either.

2. Use Technology

There’s a great app called Moving Van that lets you create a file for each box and put photos of all the items inside it. No more playing the “What’s in the Box?” game or trying to remember your colour coding system to find the toaster the morning after you move in. You can also use it fo insurance purposes during and after the move too.

Moving Waldo  is another example of an app made just for this purpose. It’s a free moving concierge service. They offer free tools, tips and tricks with a referral service of providers. You can use it to order boxes, book movers, set up the internet and utilities at you new home, change your address and more!

3. Take It Easy

Remember that no matter how much you streamline your moving process, this is still a stressful time. And in stressful times, you need to support yourself. If that means ordering in, creating a motivating music playlist, bribing your friends to come by to help you, it must be done.

And above all make it FUN! You’re turning a corner and starting a new life in a new home. That’s the best part of the whole process!

If you need a hand, I have some great recommendations and connections with companies and people who can make the moving process as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out, call or text me at 647-696-8285 or send me an email at

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Claudia Chopik

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