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Deck the Halls (just a little)

Simple Christmas decorating when your homes for sale

Deck the Halls (just a little)

We all know that when you’re selling your home, you’re advised to stick to neutral tones, understate decor, and create a blank slate that potential buyers can see themselves living in. But what if you’re selling your home around the holidays? Do you really have to forego the holiday decorations you love for that “nobody lives here” vibe? Fortunately, the answer is no! You can absolutely decorate your home for the holidays, extending a friendly welcome to potential buyers without turning them off.

Of course, you might have to change the way you decorate a bit. Here are 3 holiday decorating tips so you can still enjoy the festive season while trying to sell your home.

1. Less is more

If you’re trying to sell your home during the holiday season, it’s not the time to channel your inner Clark Griswold. Instead, keep it simple. Choose a color scheme and use it throughout the home. And possibly limit your decorations to the living room.

2. Use white lights

Okay, so white lights might not be as festive as the blinking colorful lights. But they’ll actually brighten the outside of a home during the dreary winter months. Soft white lights also brighten a room and give it a cozy feeling.

3. Curb appeal still applies

Skip the giant inflatable snowmen and Santas that sing. If you want to decorate outside, stick with a wreath on the front door and matching garland. Moderation is important when decorating a home that’s for sale during the holidays. 

*An important note to remember is that you’ll want to take listing photos BEFORE you decorate so potential buyers can see the space without all the extra decor. Plus, if the home sits on the market for a while, you don’t photos in January or February that include a Santa sleigh on your mantel.

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Claudia Chopik

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