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What Colours and Where for a Fast Sell?


Who knew that something as simple as a new paint colour can spruce up your home and increase its value… literally overnight. 

Decorating your home is one of the most exciting things about being a homeowner. You get to design each room to complement your personality through paint, curtains, rugs, art, furniture, and light-fixtures. 

And while these are all gorgeous and unique ways to customize spaces, when it comes to preparing your home for resale, a simple colour change can make a huge difference when trying to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Here are four tips to keep in mind when it comes to picking the right colors for the right spaces to make your home appealing to buyers:

1. Your Front Door

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, your front door is the best place to do it. Sunshine yellow  or a sophisticated violet can add some personality to your home and appeal to potential buyers on the gloomiest days. What home buyers see during the first few moments as they drive up and park their car can have a lasting impression. A splash of colour can make your home one to remember. 

2. Interior Walls

Neutral tones are key on interior walls. Your goal is to create a blank canvas that helps potential buyers envision themselves living there. You’ll want your interior paint colour to be uniform throughout the home. 

3. Colour

The biggest colour trends right now are all things neutral. Whites, grays, and dusty taupes are all the rage. These colours are a big hit with buyers because they’re versatile and go with any decor and style. If colour is a must for a child’s room a hint of blush pink or soft bird’s egg blue can keep with the flow.  

4. Texture and Finish

Eggshell with satin trim will be your best bet in high-traffic areas (like kitchens and bathrooms) that may need regular cleaning. Flat and matte finishes work best for ceilings and low traffic walls like living rooms and bedrooms. The recent design trend is moving away from painting the trim and doors a traditional white to using the same colour as the walls. It looks very regal but I still like crisp white trim and doors.

You might wonder why paint is such a big sticking point for buyers, especially since it’s so easily changed. It really boils down to psychology. Many home buyers don’t want to move into a home that needs immediate home improvement projects. 

Also, most buyers aren’t interior designers, so they may have trouble imagining themselves living in a home with a bold color palette they don’t care for. But a neutral color palette is a blank slate that helps buyers imagine endless possibilities.  

Freshly painting your home can have dramatic results when it’s time to sell.  

If you’re thinking about making a move (or know someone who is) I’m only a text, call, or email away! 

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Claudia Chopik

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